The first SIS Guide Camp

Our first camp is booked for the night of Friday, 17th June 2011!
We're planning lots of activities, fun and games, so this page will be updated lots of times between now and then. Are you going to come and join in the fun?

The Details


When and where?



What we had to bring

Friday Night

What we did

On friday we have chocolate party and we do chocolate art,chocolate game and we eat chocolate , we also invite our friend to come to our party.
we are playing chocolate game
When the choclate party was over we went to ate some dinner i eat rice and fried egg it was very yummy! Before we went to bed we drank some hot chocolate and we also put marshmellow.


What we did

Saturday on the morning we ate cereal and we start the first activity the first one is find the thing that with our patrol name and the jungle patrol won! Then we play another 2 game it was staying in the hoop trying to get to another side then we played Dodgeball lastly the jungle patrol won again.Next we play in the swimming pool and now in the relay the gecko patrol won!!!swimming9.jpg