Go For It! Glamorama

Our image and how we look can be very important to us. It can affect how happy we are and
how good we feel about ourselves.
Go For It! Glamorama! is an ideal opportunity for you and your Patrol to have a go at some
fantastic activities and make yourselves feel good and glamorous!
From face masks to massage, and manicures to manic hair there’s loads for you to do.
But remember, beauty is more than just skin deep.
Could you and your Patrol uncover the dirt on animal testing?
Or why not look under the surface at the foundations of your own ideas of beauty?
Give it a try!


To achieve this Go For It! : Complete five of the activities below

Activity 1: Face Mask Magic
Find some recipes for natural face masks using fruits and other foodstuffs that are good for your skin.
Make the face packs with your patrol, and apply them: relax and enjoy being kind to your skin!
Don't forget to wash them off afterwards though!
Activity 2: TantalisingToenails
Use a variety of nail polishes and techniques to create pretty designs on eachother's toenail. Flowers, butterflies, polka dots...what will you choose?

Activity 3: Hair-raising adventures
Try a selection of different hairstyles and colours. Which ones suit your face shape? Which suit your skin colour best? Experiment with a variety of styles and colours, and select the three you like the best. Can you identify why they suit you the most?
Activity 4: Accessorize!
Your chance to get creative! Try your hand at making fabulous hairbands and hair clips - will you go for a sparkly look? Will you choose flowers? Choose a look that defines YOU and your style - and create it. then wear it!
Activity 5: A Night at the Oscars
Go on - admit it. You've always wanted to tread the red carpet and meet Johnny Depp. Well - this is your chance! Start off by glamorising your look with make up and nail polish; create a photo-frame to preserve your mweories of this special night; toast your success with something cold and bubbly, and be photographed with your favourite filmstar. What more could a body ask for?
Activity 6: Makeover Madness

Activity 7: Try this dress-up game!