Awesome_mc_HT_Smiley.gif Welcome to SIS Guides wiki!

What IS a wiki, exactly? Well, the word "wiki" comes from Hawaii, believe it or not, and it means "quick". So - our wiki is a quick way of being able to communicate all the way around the world and back.

We each have our own Profile page - which we can use to post pictures, videos, music, games....look at mine if you don't believe me! - and we'll have some pages we can collaborate with, too. So we can all do badges and challenges together - even when we're miles apart! How magic is that?!

This wiki is made to grow into what we all want. Why don't you start by adding yourself to the Guestbook? Use the discussion board below to tell us what you'd like to see or do on here - I'll try my best to help :-)

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